<mr-model src="path/to/file" data-comp-animation="action: play; loop: true"></mr-entity>

Animation is achieved using the animation component, data-comp-animation on any mr-model:


Handles the animation starting and stopping.

Values: play, pause, stop


Handles if a specific clip will play or all animation clips for the mesh will play.

Values: 1,2,3,...

If not set, plays all animation clips in the mesh. Otherwise just plays the specified one.


Handles how the animation loops for the model file. If set to true/false ignores the value of loopMode, otherwise acts as a numerical looping count.

Values: true, false, number >= 0

if set to true/false, ignores the loopMode value


The format for how the looping should occur. Values are based on threejs defaults.

Values: once, repeat, and pingpong

if set to once, ignores the loop value.


Freezes the animation state to the last frame when stop is called or any looping ends.

Values: true, false

if not set, defaults to the threejs internals setup, which is false