MRSkyBoxEntity ⇐ MREntity

The skybox entity that allows users to give multiple images to pattern into the 3D background space. mr-skybox

Kind: global class
Extends: MREntity


Kind: instance class of MRSkyBoxEntity

new exports.MRSkyBoxEntity()

Constructor for skybox - defaults to the usual impl of an Entity.


Callback function triggered when the texture is successfully loaded. It sets the loaded texture as the background and notifies all registered callbacks.

Kind: instance method of MRSkyBoxEntity

Param Type Description
texture THREE.Texture The loaded texture.


(async) Lifecycle method that is called when the entity is connected. This method initializes and starts the texture loading process.

Kind: instance method of MRSkyBoxEntity


Set the opacity of the skybox itself. Useful for blending between the outside and MR. Also useful for cases where you want to blend between different skybox versions.

Kind: instance method of MRSkyBoxEntity


On load event function - right now defaults to do nothing.

Kind: instance method of MRSkyBoxEntity